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Our Mission

We believe that an enriched environment challenges a child to reach his or her full potential and creates the sound foundational building blocks required for future thriving and happiness. The individual needs of each child are critical to recognize and respond to. Too little stimulation leads to boredom: If the interactions and learning opportunities presented to the child are too complex, frustration arises.

Our programs recognize the individuality of each child and the unique personality and interests each child presents. To bring out the unique talents and create a confident learner at the beginning of a person’s life creates a lifelong love of learning in and of itself. With this attitude, the child learns not only the appropriate curricula of the day, he or she also learns to explore unique learning opportunities based on what excites the child.

The diverse range of ages and childrens’ backgrounds ensure the daily opportunity for staff to role model positive and healthy social interaction. Well the value of uniqueness is encouraged so too is the importance of learning how to be oneself with others.

You may notice we have not yet mentioned high levels of physical security, safety, nutrition, or the experience and excellence of staff. These critical, fundamental values are intrinsic to each and every staff member. We have carefully selected our team based on their passion in providing child related services. Our staff have a calling for the work they do.